Online Degree Programs in Technology

Popular Majors in Technology

Students are attracted to majors in technology because of the opportunity to prepare themselves for cutting-edge careers that will put them on the forefront of the latest technological developments. Those seeking technology degrees can choose from a number of excellent majors.

Majors in computer and information science made the list of Top 10 College Majors named by the Princeton Review. In this major, students learn computer troubleshooting skills and study courses like software and Web engineering, programming languages, operating systems, networking and more.

Topping the list of the Most Lucrative College Majors named by are majors in computer engineering. Students are attracted to this major not only so they can make great money one day, but also so they can study a fascinating blend of computer science and electrical engineering with courses in circuit theory and electronic circuits, along with courses in computer architecture.

You can find more excellent online majors, such as information technology, listed on the Online Education Database.

How a Degree in Technology Prepares You for the Real World

By earning a technology degree online, students will receive focused instruction in areas like networking, computer systems analysis, how to diagnose computer-related problems, how to make computer systems secure, software engineering and Web development, among other topics. Courses such as these provide students with the skills they need to succeed in a tech career. Online technology programs are designed to show students how to apply the theories they learn in various computer-oriented classes to address real-world challenges.

One example is a course in, say, database management. A course like this will equip a student to be able to manage and organize corporate data in a way that is user-friendly and easily accessible by everyone in the company. These types of skills are in-demand at companies across the nation as companies become increasingly global, with teams all over the world needing access to company databases.

Many online universities also offer their students internship opportunities, where they will work hands-on with computer systems in a real-world work environment.

Best Jobs for Technology Degree Students

You can work in pretty much any industry if you hold a technology degree; computers have infiltrated almost every aspect of society, from schools to hospitals to police departments to the media.

Online job site lists a number of great tech jobs based on rising entry-level salaries on their list of Top 10 Jobs in Information Technology, some of which include:

  • Lead applications developers. People in this career oversee teams who develop software and are involved in designing, developing, coding, testing and working the kinks out of applications.
  • Applications architect. People in this career put together the nuts and bolts of applications, meeting design standards set by their employer.
  • Web developer. People in this career design and maintain websites. They coordinate the look of advertising content alongside non-advertising content and come up with ways to make the site visually appealing and easily navigable for leads and/or visitors to the site.
  • Messaging administrator. People in this career keep the company’s internal and external communications flowing smoothly by managing e-mail systems and their related servers. They develop backup and recovery programs, troubleshoot and repair problems that crop up.