Online Degree Programs in Engineering

Popular Majors in Engineering

Engineering is a draw to many students because it allows them to explore both their love for science and their love for mathematics all at once. Online engineering programs are designed to teach students how to apply math and science to meet various needs in society. Two of the most popular majors in engineering are computer/software engineering and civil engineering.

Computer engineering is not only a popular choice, but it is also a choice that is likely to yield good financial returns. named computer engineering the number one most lucrative major today. Students majoring in computer engineering will take core math and science classes, along with technical writing, and courses in circuit theory, electronics, computer systems and design, and computer science.

Civil engineering students will take courses that teach them how to use programs allowing them to build topographical maps, design highways and do land surveying, but there are also courses in management, heavy construction and infrastructure construction.

How a Degree in Engineering Prepares You for the Real World

Problem-solving skills are always in high demand in the workplace and employers know that students who have earned a degree in engineering are ingrained with these skills. The heavy emphasis on analytical thinking in engineering courses comes in handy when the unexpected arises in the workplace. The experience you gain in computer skills and computer science, especially in programming and software development, will be absolutely invaluable to your future career. What engineering degree-holders learn from their advanced math and science courses will help them learn to apply math and science to solve real-world problems.

While the course load is not as heavy on writing-intensive courses as, say, a liberal arts degree would be, engineering degree-holders still have had training in technical writing, allowing them to clearly explain complex ideas in an understandable way. This is helpful for when you work with other departments outside your field once you become an engineer.

Best Jobs for Engineering Degree Students ranked software engineers as the number one job on their list of "50 Best Jobs in America." Software engineers create, develop and test programs for computers. Those who aspire to be software engineers will need to be both analytical and creative—having advanced proficiency in math and science alongside the ability to innovate. Software engineers work in a variety of fields, and can narrow their focus to develop cutting edge tech products for the military, for example, or broaden their focus to have a hand in the next wave of technology working for a software company with a broad range of buyers.

Biomedical engineering is another career path you can follow once you’ve earned an engineering degree. Biomedical engineers apply engineering skills to the field of medicine and many make significant advances in areas as diverse as imaging technology, diagnostic medical equipment, heart implants, prosthetics and even pharmaceuticals.