Online Degree Programs in Education

Popular Majors in Education

Education remains one of the top three degrees conferred nationwide at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Those with an interest in teaching others can choose from a variety of majors. Some of the most popular majors include:

  • Early childhood education. This major is popular for students who thrive around very young children and who strive to teach age groups anywhere between pre-school level and third grade. Students in this major will take courses in child growth and development, curriculum planning for young children and effective educational activities for toddlers.
  • Adult and higher education. These majors are most often available at the master’s and doctoral degree levels and equip learners to teach adult students. This major is helpful for those wishing to teach as college professors.
  • Curriculum and instruction. This major is popular with students who want to study which teaching materials and methods are most successful in delivering instruction. Courses are focused on what is being taught in schools, how it is being taught and the importance of curriculum alignment within school districts.

How a Degree in Education Prepares You for the Real World

When earning a degree in education, students get prepared for the real world of teaching in the courses they take, but the best career preparation is delivered through a required student teaching practicum. Student teaching is credit-bearing and gives students direct experience working in real classrooms under the mentorship of real teachers. This gives college students seeking education degrees a chance to interact with students and learn from experienced men and women who teach day in and day out. Students often work for eight weeks in one grade level and eight weeks in another grade level.

The courses an education student takes also prepare them for the real world by equipping them with tools for how to deal with situations they will often encounter in a classroom. Education courses teach students intervention tactics in working with children who are struggling readers as well as how to cultivate exceptional students who are more advanced than their classmates. Students will also learn how to properly assess how much a child is absorbing and comprehending in class.

Best Jobs for Education Degree Students

The best jobs in education are going to be the jobs in high-demand areas like bilingual/ESL education, math and science education and special education, areas where school districts are offering start-up bonuses and higher entry-level salaries to those qualified to teach in these specialized areas. However, there are also rewarding leadership opportunities available in administration and part-time opportunities available for teacher’s assistants.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics maintains that as more and more non-English-speaking students enter America’s classrooms, the demand for bilingual/ESL teachers will continue to grow. Math and science teachers are also in high demand across the nation. The BLS also predicts faster than average job growth for special education teachers, who are trained to work with students with disabilities. The BLS specifies that the demand for special education teachers is partially due to the low level of college enrollments in special education programs, meaning there are less people available today who are qualified to be special education teachers.