50 Must-Read Montessori Blogs

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Whether you are completing your online degree with an eye on becoming a Montessori teacher or are a parent thinking about incorporating Montessori techniques into your family’s daily life, you will find a world of experience and resources right at your fingertips with these awesome blogs. Read these blogs to learn about the Montessori philosophy and theory, find words of wisdom from experienced teachers, and hear from families that have successfully incorporated Montessori education into their homeschool curriculum.


These blogs are either written by Montessori teachers or provide great resources and information for teachers.

  1. My Montessori Journey. This blogger shares plenty of ideas based on what she is doing with her Montessori class.
  2. Confessions of a Montessori Mom. An experienced Montessori teacher now staying at home with her young son, this mom shares great projects and ideas, many of which are geared to babies and toddlers.
  3. montessori and t. With 9 years as a Montessori teacher, guide, and directress and three Montessori-educated children of her own, this blogger shares photos and descriptions of Montessori education in action.
  4. Montessori for Everyone. Trained at the elementary level, this Montessori teacher now designs her own materials. Her blog shares ideas for use in both homeschool and classroom settings.
  5. Montessori Mama. This Montessori teacher is also a mom of three and shares ideas and provides a place for conversation for those also incorporating the Montessori method in their lives.
  6. Ms. Tracy. Ms. Tracy shares resources and ideas that prove useful in her Montessori classroom.
  7. Montessori Mom. Find plenty of resources for using the Montessori method at home or school here.
  8. Montessori World. This Montessori-trained educator shares tons of great educational resources and ideas on her blog.
  9. Montessori Spanish. With two children at Montessori school, a new baby, going through Elementary Montessori Training, and teaching her children Spanish at home, this mom has plenty of experience to share.
  10. P.S. Montessori. This teacher has been in a public Montessori school for four years and discusses activities, education, and the Montessori method on her blog.
  11. Miss Patty’s Montessori Day. Discover what activities this Montessori teacher and her children are doing.
  12. Kathy’s Montessori Life. Focusing mostly on younger learners, this veteran Montessori teacher and grandmother shares lots of great ideas and resources here.
  13. The Learning Ark. Currently training to become a certified 6-9 year Montessori teacher, this mom shares inspirational activities for elementary-aged children.
  14. Montessori 21st Century. This blog is a great resource for learning about Montessori materials.
  15. Montessori in Mars. Mars is a Montessori teacher who shares her tools and techniques that have been successful for her class.

Training and Theory

Read these blogs to find out about Montessori training, theory, and philosophy.

  1. Montessori Matters. A trained Montessori guide, this blogger shares ideas on Montessori theory and philosophy.
  2. Montessori Teacher Training. From the North American Montessori Center, this blog features informative posts filled with information teachers will want to know.
  3. The Moveable Alphabet. It appears this Montessori Primary Directress is gearing up for a book release based on her blog, so the posts are a little slow right now, but browse through her older posts to find her thoughts on Montessori theory and practice in schools.
  4. Montessori for Infants and Toddlers. This blog features information for parents with topics such as whether or not to buy equipment for home and tips for using Montessori at home or school.
  5. My Montessori House. This blog covers everything from Montessori methodology to specific activities and includes information for Montessori instruction from birth through college.
  6. Teacher Training and Certification. From the United Montessori Association, this blog looks at both theory and practical ideas to use in the classroom.
  7. Beautiful Sun Montessori. Both owner and teacher at a Montessori school in Aruba, Susanne posts about teaching with Montessori method as well as inspirational messages.
  8. The Broad Stair. This Montessori teacher shares insight from her classroom as she explores the philosophy behind teaching.
  9. A Montessori Musing Place. With 17 years of experience as a Montessori educator, Cynthia Dyer discusses the philosophy behind Montessori education.
  10. Little Eyes on Nature. Written by a Montessori educator at a school in New Zealand, these posts feature ways to incorporate nature into the lessons as well as pondering such topics as modeling what you teach and the act of wondering.
  11. Education by Design. John Long is the head of a Montessori school in Houston and posts comments on what he has learned about Montessori education as well as a few glimpses into the day-to-day activities at the school.

Homeschool Families

These homeschool families are using Montessori techniques and have a wealth of experience to share via their blogs.

  1. Our Worldwide Classroom. Homeschooling her three young children using the Montessori method, this mom shares tons of great ideas.
  2. Chasing Cheerios. Working very part time as a school psychologist, this mom is homeschooling her older daughter using the Montessori method.
  3. Montessori Free Fall. This mom is learning to use the Montessori method with her preschool daughter.
  4. The Wonder Years. Find out what activities this mom, trained in the Montessori method, is doing with her children.
  5. Montessori Beginnings. Read along as this mom learns about the Montessori method and practices it with her two year-old.
  6. Counting Coconuts. This mom is living and homeschooling her son in Bermuda, where she is also earning a Montessori teaching certification.
  7. United Teaching. Get plenty of great ideas, downloads, and more to help supplement your Montessori homeschooling experience with this blog.
  8. Montessori Candy. This homeschooling mom shares ideas and inspiration on her blog.
  9. Three Plus Two. Homeschooling six children, this mom shares, among other things, lessons based on the Montessori method.
  10. A Bit Of This and A Bit Of That. Living in Japan, this mom of Ebi-kun shares her passion for Montessori and family here.
  11. Gray Family Circus. Homeschooler to five children from birth to age 10, this mom shares plenty of great Montessori-based activities.
  12. Sunrise Learning Lab. This homeschool family focuses on Montessori education in the morning and living life in the Sunshine State in the afternoon.
  13. Making of a Montessori Mum. Keep an eye as this blogging mom to a toddler will be coming out of her three-month sabbatical with even more awesome activities and reflections on Montessori.
  14. LaPaz Home Learning. This family shares their unique style of homeschooling that is nature-based and incorporates aspects of Montessori education.
  15. Momtessori. This certified Montessori teacher now stays at home with her two children and implements her training to educate her family.
  16. What DID we do all day?. Using the Montessori method to homeschool her two boys, this mom lets readers know what they did all day.
  17. Adventures in Montessori. Read along as this mom posts about her family’s adventures embracing both Montessori education at home and a sustainable lifestyle.
  18. Homemade Homeschool. This mom and her three year-old are exploring Montessori at home.
  19. Work and Play, Day By Day. With Dad being a Montessori-trained teacher and Mom staying home to implement Montessori homeschooling techniques, this family shares their work and play.
  20. Walk Beside Me. This young Christian family is homeschooling their two children using Montessori techniques.

A Few More

These blogs touch on everything from community service to sewing set against a Montessori backdrop.

  1. Montessori Wells of Love and Amman Imman. Montessori schools are working together to help bring safe water to the Azawak in West Africa.
  2. Mommy Moment. This blog features all sorts of great resources for mom. Be sure to look out for the Monday’s Montessori Moment posts that feature Montessori activities from her Montessori home-based preschool.
  3. St. Francis of Assisi Montessori Academy. Follow along as this Catholic Montessori school shares their activities and events.
  4. Sew Liberated. While most of the content of this blog revolves around sewing, the blog is written by a Montessori teacher and often includes plenty of great resources and ideas for incorporating Montessori activities.
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