100 Ways to Learn a Foreign Language Online

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Whether you’re getting ready to take an international trip or you’re just ready to brush up on your foreign language skills, there are lots of resources to help you learn online. From schools to translators and dictionaries, find the help you need here in this list of 100 ways that you can learn a foreign language online.

Courses & Schools

Formal classes, course collections, and more can be found here.

  1. DLIFLC Language Resources: Here you’ll find resources for basic and advanced courses in language learning.
  2. Internet Polyglot: Get free online language lessons from Internet Polyglot.
  3. Parlo: Learn to speak a new language with Parlo.
  4. NYU SCPS: NYU has online courses for foreign languages, translation, and interpreting.
  5. GOETHE-TESTS: GOETHE offers free tests in a variety of languages.
  6. The Linguist: Use The Linguist to work on your language learning in the community and audio library.
  7. Unilang: Unilang has language resources, forums, and more.
  8. Effective Language Learning: Effective Language Learning is an excellent resource for language learners.
  9. Foreign Languages and Literatures: Here you’ll find MIT’s courses for foreign languages.
  10. World Wide Learn: Find online language courses on World Wide Learn.
  11. BabelNation: BabelNation will teach you about learning languages online.
  12. Linguanaut: Check out Linguanaut for phrases, videos, and alphabet in more than 50 languages.
  13. LiveMocha: LiveMocha offers social language learning online.
  14. BBC Languages: Find beginners’ courses and more on the BBC website.
  15. Abroad Languages: This site offers a directory of language schools, as well as games, translators, test, pen pals, and more.
  16. GLOSS: GLOSS has online language lessons for independent learners.
  17. e Language School: eLanguage School has language education made simple.
  18. iSpeakthat: iSpeakthat will help you learn a foreign language with its online dictionary and phrasebook.
  19. Stella: Stella will help you learn Spanish, Danish, Hungarian and English.
  20. USU Open Courseware: USU’s site has courses for languages, philosophy, and speech communication.
  21. Verbalplanet: Use Verbalplanet for online language lessons and tutoring on your computer.
  22. Mango Languages: Mango is one of the easier ways to learn a foreign language.


Get quick translation resources from these dictionaries.

  1. Foreign Language Online Dictionaries: Learn languages with these online dictionaries.
  2. AllWords: AllWords has an English Dictionary with multi-lingual search.
  3. Online Language Dictionaries and Translators: You will find a variety of dictionaries and translators.
  4. English and Foreign Language Dictionaries: This site offers a directory of English to foreign language dictionaries.
  5. Your Dictionary: Your Dictionary has foreign language online dictionaries and translation links.
  6. WordReference: WordReference has free online translation dictionaries.
  7. Freelang: Use Freelang for free dictionaries and human translation.
  8. Travlang’s Translating Dictionaries: Get translating dictionaries here from Travlang.
  9. Foreignword: Foreignword is the language site for online dictionaries and free translation tools.
  10. Freedict: Freedict has free online dictionaries for several languages.
  11. Ultralingua: Ultralingua shares a dictionary, grammar checker, and spell checker.
  12. The Free Dictionary: The Free Dictionary offers dictionaries for a variety of languages.
  13. From Language to Language: From Language to Language has a lang-to-lang multilingual dictionary, word of the day, word builder game, and more.
  14. Alpha Dictionary Languages Directory: Here you can find a directory of foreign language dictionaries.
  15. Fonetiks: Fonetiks has online pronunciation guides for 10 languages.
  16. Forvo: Forvo has all the words in the world, pronounced.
  17. LanguageGuide: LanguageGuide has free sound integrated resources for learning languages.


Find out how to speak certain phrases with the help of these resources.

  1. Single Serving: Single Serving has audio and printable phrase guides for learning a foreign language.
  2. Omniglot: Omniglot offers a collection of useful foreign phrases here.
  3. Foreign Words and Phrases: Check out this resource to find translations for common words and phrases.
  4. Transcon: Transcon shares text and audio content with need to know right now words and phrases.
  5. Engoi: Increase your vocabulary with Engoi’s phrases.
  6. Phrasebase: Learn to speak a foreign language with Phrasebase.


Check out these sites to build your foreign language vocabulary.

  1. Vocabulary Training Exercises: This site offers vocabulary training exercises in English, German, French and Spanish.
  2. Vocabulix: Use Vocabulix to improve your foreign language vocabulary skills.


These resources offer translation from one language to another, or more.

  1. SDL Free Translation: SDL offers free text and web translation.
  2. Foreign Languages: Translations and Translators: You can get translations and translators for foreign languages here.
  3. Systranet: Systranet is your free online translator.
  4. Babblefish: Babblefish has free language translation.
  5. Applied Language: Applied Language has text, email, and website translation.
  6. Yahoo! Babel Fish: Use Yahoo!’s Babel Fish to translate text and web pages.
  7. Dictionary.com Translator: You can get free full text translations from Dictionary.com.
  8. Machine Translation Engine: You will get free machine translation from Foreign Word.
  9. Language Tools: Google’s Language Tools has a translated search.
  10. WorldLingo: WorldLingo has a free online language translator.
  11. Kwintessential: Kwintessential offers free website translation.
  12. Free Translation Online Dictionary: Use this tool to find translation, dictionary, text to speech, and more.


Study foreign language in these libraries.

  1. Virtual CALL Library: Check out the University of Sussex’s virtual library to find language learning online.
  2. The Foreign Language Library Online: This library offers a great place to browse through short articles in foreign languages.
  3. The Foreign Language Library: You’ll find more than 11,000 foreign language books in this library.
  4. Language Learning Library: The Language Learning Library is a great resource for learning a language.
  5. Languages and Language Learning: This library offers resources in languages and language learning.

Travel Language

These resources will teach you foreign language with travel in mind.

  1. Travel Language Basics: Check out this site to find travel language basics and phrases.
  2. Travel Language Guides: World Nomads will help you learn basic travel phrases in a variety of different languages.
  3. TravLang: TravLang offers 80 foreign languages for travelers.


These games can make learning a foreign language fun.

  1. Digital Dialects: With Digital Dialects, you’ll be able to play free interactive games for learning languages.
  2. Foreign Language Games: Here you will find a directory for language games.
  3. Language Games: Have fun playing while learning languages on Language Games.
  4. Hello-World: Hello-World has games, activities, and songs that make learning fun.
  5. Transparent Language Games: These games for language learners are based on familiar, classic board games.


Take advantage of these communities to improve your foreign language skills.

  1. SharedTalk: SharedTalk is a language exchange community.
  2. My Language Exchange: Use My Language Exchange’s community to practice and learn foreign languages.
  3. Conversation Exchange: Conversation Exchange shares language learning with native speakers.
  4. Practice a Foreign Language: Use this community to find a foreign language buddy.
  5. Exchange a Language: Use Exchange a Language to improve languages by creating friendships.
  6. Phrasebase Foreign Language Learning Community: Find students, teachers, partners, and more in this community.
  7. italki: italki is a language community and exchange.
  8. xLingo: xLingo is an excellent online language exchange community.
  9. Transparent Language Communities: Join these communities to get help learning languages.
  10. eTandem: Get introduced to language learners all over the world on eTandem.
  11. Learn Indian Languages: Check out this site to learn to speak the languages of India.

Quizzes & Tests

Find out how well you’re doing using these quizzes and tests.

  1. Transparent Language Proficiency Tests: Take these tests to learn about your proficiency level in various foreign languages.
  2. Global Language Hotspots: Take this quiz to find out how much you know about the world’s languages.
  3. Language Quizzes and Tests: Find the top 10 tests and more for foreign language here.
  4. Go To Quiz: Take this quiz to learn about foreign words and phrases.
  5. Transparent Language Quizzes: You can test your skills with these language quizzes.
  6. Cultural Awareness Quiz and Tests: Test your cultural awareness with Kwintessential.
  7. Bilingual Vocabulary Quizzes: Find vocabulary quizzes on this site.
  8. ProProfs Foreign Language Quizzes: Take these quizzes to brush up on your foreign languages.
  9. Quiz-Tree: Quiz Tree offers a variety of vocabulary quizzes and more.
  10. Vistawide: Vistawide shares information for language learners and language learning on the web.


Watch TV, read books, and more to acclimate yourself to foreign language.

  1. Squid TV: Squid TV is a guide to streaming TV stations from around the world.
  2. SCOLA: SCOLA helps students learn about languages, culture, and more around the world.
  3. Multilingual Books: Here you will find foreign Internet TV to help you study languages.
  4. Internet Public Library Newspapers and Magazines: This collection will help you find newspapers and magazines around the world.
  5. World Languages TV: Find TV channels by language on this site.
  6. The Online Books Page: Here you can find libraries and collections of foreign language books.
  7. BLC Library of Foreign Language Film Clips: Learn language and culture through film with this collection.
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