The 100 Best History Sites on the Web

Posted on November 29, 2009 by Site Administrator

No matter what era, civilization, country or conflict you want to learn about, you’re bound to find resources on the web to help you on your way. With pictures, interactive programs, primary sources and loads of information, these sites offers a wealth of information for history learners or teachers. Here are 100 of the top history sites on the web for finding resources on just about every part of history around the world.


Go back a few thousand years to the material contained within these sites on ancient Greece, Rome, Africa, Mesoamerica and more.

  1. Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Use this centralized site to find links to hundreds of source texts, information and study materials on ancient history.
  2. BBC Ancient History In-Depth: This site includes loads of information on ancient, Egypt, Rome, Britain, India and more.
  3. Perseus Digital Library: If you’d like to read some ancient Greek texts, and gain a better understanding of the culture of the time period, this site has got you covered.
  4. Exploring Ancient World Cultures: On this site you’ll get access to hundreds of historical links to ancient history as well as information located right on the site.
  5. Mark Millmore’s Ancient Egypt: From hieroglyphs to lists of all the great pharaohs, this site will help you become an expert on Egyptian history.
  6. Illustrated History of the Roman Empire: If you prefer your history with pictures to go alongside it, this site is the ideal place to discover Roman history.
  7. Wonders of the African World: This PBS site aims to prove that Africa was a land with many highly developed ancient cultures, despite stereotypes to the contrary. Find information about the pyramids of Egypt, the cities of Great Zimbabwe and more.
  8. The Mesoamerican Ballgame: Learn the important role this game played in social and religious interactions in Mayan culture.
  9. ABZU: Take advantage of the resources offered through this site to learn more about the ancient Near East.
  10. Ancient Near East and the Mediterranean World: Here, you’ll find a collection of texts on the history of the Near East and Mediterranean that you can access free of charge.


These sites will help you learn about the important events of the Middle Ages.

  1. DScriptorium: On this site, you’ll find an amazing digital collection of medieval manuscripts that you can browse through and study at your leisure.
  2. The Labyrinth: From cooking to feudalism, this site offers resources for just about anything you’d like to know about life in the Middle Ages.
  3. Decameron Web: This site offers learners and history enthusiasts the chance to find out more about this important medieval text and the works that are based around it.
  4. Internet Medieval Sourcebook: Find just about everything you need to know about the medieval era on this resource-filled site.
  5. NetSERF: This site will help you learn about archaeology, Arthurian legends, music, religion and much more through this portal site.
  6. Explore Byzantium: Check out this site to find information about Byzantium after the fall of the Roman Empire until the Renaissance.

Renaissance to Modern

These sites cover several hundred years of history, all the way up to the present day.

  1. Red Flag: This PBS series will teach you all the details of the Russian Revolution and WWII through the people who lived through the events.
  2. The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Visit this Washington Post resource to understand the long-standing conflicts in this area of the world.
  3. Internet Modern History Sourcebook: On this site you’ll get access to informative resources that touch on the years between the Enlightenment and the present day.
  4. The End of Europe’s Middle Ages: This site is a great place for anyone hoping to learn more about the transition into the Renaissance from the Middle Ages.
  5. Martin Luther: The Reluctant Revolutionary: Check out this documentary on Martin Luther to gain an understanding of just what a big role he played in social and religious history.
  6. Exploring the French Revolution: This site uses essays, images, documents, songs and maps to explore the events of the French Revolution.
  7. World Cultures to 1500: The European Enlightenment: Here you can gain access to hundreds of resources, essays and images on this period in European history.
  8. The Scientific Revolution: Use this site to learn more about the people and discoveries that inspired the movement towards the technology and understanding of the natural world that laid the foundation for modern science.
  9. People’s Century: This site from the PBS series of the same name looks back at the often turbulent 20th century, taking a close look at the lives of people who played a role in its major events.
  10. Britannia History: If you want to learn more about the history of England specifically, this site is a great place to start.

Era Specific

These sites hone in on one particular period or cultural movement.

  1. Tudor Encyclopedia: Learn more about the Tudors and the era of their rule through the resources of Spartacus.
  2. The Victorian Web: Get a complete look at the history of the Victorian era with this site’s information on society, politics, gender, technology, religion and much more.
  3. Victorian Research Web: If you’re looking for a more scholarly take on the Victorian era, this site is happy to oblige, with a large list of available resources.
  4. The Roaring Twenties: From popular fashion to scientific discoveries, this site offers a pretty comprehensive look at this decade.
  5. The Baroque Era: Learn about this cultural movement sparked by the Counter-Reformation on this site.
  6. America’s Reconstruction: People and Politics After the Civil War: Here you will find a wealth of information on the history of this period in American history.

American History

Learn a little bit more about the founding, growth and changes of America through these sites.

  1. Digital History: This site has been greatly praised and for good reason. It uses technology quite effectively to share numerous interactive lessons on American history that will educate and intrigue.
  2. U.S. Government Manual: Find out more about the history and documents that help form the American government on this site.
  3. U.S. The Independence Hall Association maintains this site that offers information on many of the sites and events that shaped early American history.
  4. Virtual Jamestown: Visit this site to learn more about one of the first settlements in America.
  5. Liberty! The American Revolution: On this site you’ll find information on this PBS series that examined the events of the American Revolution.
  6. The Plymouth Colony Archive Project: Learn more about the Pilgrims and their first few years in Plymouth on this site, often through original documents from the period.
  7. The Industrial Revolution: This Yale resource offers plenty of reading material on the subject as well as tips on teaching it to others.
  8. New Deal Network: Find documents, photos, artwork and more from the term of FDR on this amazing site.
  9. Temperance and Prohibition: This site offers a series of illustrated articles on this history of prohibition.
  10. The Wars for Vietnam 1945-1975: Find a wide range of documents, photos and information on the Vietnam conflicts here.
  11. Archiving Early America: Visit this site to get access to a collection of source material from the 18th century.
  12. Picture History: Look through thousands of images that document the history of the United States here.

General History

On these sites you’ll find a wealth of material to help you learn about a wide range of historical events and people.

  1. Project Gutenberg: On this site, you’ll find a collection of open source texts, some of which are quite old or rare, that you can look through, read and even take with you on a mobile device.
  2. PBS Online: Here, you’ll find access to some of the best documentaries, interviews and more on historical events.
  3. BBC History: Check out this site to find information about TV series, watch videos and learn about historical time periods.
  4. History Channel: You don’t have to have cable to use the resources offered by the History Channel. Just visit this site to watch videos and learn.
  5. The History Place: This site offers online exhibits to explore history including those on child labor, Vietnam War and the American Revolution.
  6. History Net: This site comes from the world’s largest history magazine publisher and offers photos, articles and information galore for history buffs.
  7. History News Network: Keep up with the latest news in the field of history through the posts on this site.
  8. HyperHistory: On this site you’ll find resources to help you delve into thousands of years worth of history.
  9. From primary source material to reviews of historical books, you’ll find loads of information on history here.
  10. Conversations with History: Visit this site to watch videos of some of the leaders, invertors and thinkers who have made an impact on history.

Museums and Libraries

These sites are home to some of the biggest and best history museums out there.

  1. The British Museum: The British Museum doesn’t just have a great collection on-site but a website that offers numerous interesting interactive exhibits online as well.
  2. The Smithsonian: The Smithsonian is the world’s largest museum complex, and you can get access to information and photos about their collections here, as well as learning resources.
  3. The Library of Congress: Look through some of the photos, texts and artifacts that document American History on this site.
  4. British Library: Use this section of the British Library to browse through some great historical texts and documents.
  5. Oriental Institute: See images of artifacts from ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Persia in this museum’s collections.
  6. Global Egyptian Museum: For those who love Egyptian history, this site is a must-see. It currently provides over a thousand items in an online gallery for those who can’t visit the museums in person.
  7. National Museum of American History: Take a look at this site to educate yourself further on American History and see the amazing collection held by this museum.
  8. National Portrait Gallery: This site will allow you to look through portraits of some of the most important figures in American history.
  9. Online Library of Liberty: Study the concept of liberty throughout history through the collections and information gathered here.
  10. Internet Archive: Visit this site to find the history of the Internet as well as tons of images, movies and documents from all eras.


Bloggers, especially historian bloggers, can be a great source of historical information, as these sites prove.

  1. World History Blog: Use this blog as a way to get your daily dose of world history.
  2. Blog4History: Here you’ll find all kinds of posts on American and Civil War history.
  3. The History Blog: This blog will help you stay in the loop when it comes to finding interesting stories about what’s going on in historical studies.
  4. Inhistoric: If sports history sounds more interesting to you, then make sure to check out this blog.
  5. The Modern Historian: In this blog, you’ll get daily updates about events in history, some big and some small, but many reflecting culturally significant and interesting tidbits from the past.
  6. Civil War History: Civil War buffs will appreciate the posts on this blog about events, books and resources related to the Civil War.
  7. The Victorian Era: This blog takes a fun approach to Victorian history, with frequent photos and paintings posted as well.
  8. Real History Blog: Get the facts on everything from movies to historical books on this blog.
  9. Northwest History: This blog will alert you to great digital resources on the history of the Pacific Northwest.
  10. Baroque Explorations: Follow this researcher as she uncovers information about the Baroque period and Louis the XIV.

Military History

What would history be without the conflicts that shaped, divided and destroyed nations and cultures? These sites focus on those big events.

  1. The Gulf War: Visit this PBS site to learn more about the events that shaped this war.
  2. Military Theory, Theorists & Strategy: If you want a more theoretical approach to war, this site offers a wealth of documents to look at.
  3. Military History Online: Check out this site for thousands of articles, photos and documents on military conflicts throughout history.
  4. The information on this site documents over 1500 armed conflicts from 1800 to 1999.
  5. Encyclopedia of the Second World War: This site will help you learn the important leaders, events and turning points of WWII.
  6. HyperWar: Second World War: Visit this site for a hypertext history of the conflict.
  7. World War II Sites: If you still can’t get enough information about WWII, visit this site for links to loads of great web resources.
  8. The American Civil War: Here you’ll find an excellent collection of information and resources on the Civil War.
  9. The Great War: This PBS site will educate you on the impact of the first World War.
  10. Cold War: From Yalta to Malta: There may not have been active conflict, but the resources on this site will help you learn about the hostilities of these clashing ideologies.
  11. War Against Terror: This site will help you learn about the conflicts that have ensued in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.
  12. Clash of Steel: Military history enthusiasts can congregate on this site, find information and share stories.


Through these sites you’ll be able to learn about the leaders, inventors and thinkers who shaped history.

  1. Women of History: Use this site to find biographies on women who played a big role in shaping history.
  2. Even if you don’t get this channel you can take advantage of the videos and information they offer on important figures the world over.
  3. InfoPlease Biographies: This site is home to numerous biographies of important historical figures.
  4. Biographical Dictionary: Here you’ll find a great reference tool that lets you search through an archive of hundreds of biographies.
  5. The HistoryMakers: If you’re interested in African-American history, this site is home to loads of biographical resources on some big names in history.
  6. Biography Center: Those looking for bios of lesser known people should check out this site for information.

Art History

These sites will help you learn about the cultural trends that went along with historical changes, from the illuminated manuscripts of the Medieval to the abstracted works of cubism.

  1. Artcyclopedia: Find artists, movements, paintings and museums on this comprehensive listing of art historical information.
  2. Artchive: This site will offer you great high-resolution images from many famous artists.
  3. Metropolitan Museum of Art: As one of the biggest art museums in the world, this site has a lot to offer those who want to see some great works of art.
  4. Art History Research Centre: If you are hoping to do a little art historical research, make sure to check out this site for links to some of the best information the web has to offer.
  5. Art History Resources: No matter what period you’re looking to learn more about, you’ll find links to relevant information on this site.
  6. Art Institute of Chicago: Newly expanded, this museum offers online resources to learn about its collection of thousands of works of art and artifacts.
  7. The Getty: See some of the amazing objects from the collection in this museum on their website.
  8. Louvre Museum: The Louvre contains one of the most impressive collections of artwork anywhere in the world from the Mona Lisa to ancient Roman sculptures, pictures, and information, which you’ll find here.
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