100 Best Personal Finance Blogs for Recent College Grads

Posted on August 2, 2009 by Site Administrator

By Rose Jensen

If you’re a new college graduate, chances are you’re in need of some money advice. Whether you’re looking for a job, need to pay off student loans, or just want to get on the right track while you’re still young, you can find lots of great advice and resources in blogs. Check out this list to find 100 personal finance blogs that are great for recent graduates.


These blogs take a big-picture look at personal finance.

  1. The Penny Saved: Check out The Penny Saved to find advice for personal finance and career building.
  2. Five Cent Nickel: Find personal finance tips at Five Cent Nickel.
  3. Mint: On Mint’s blog, you’ll find practical ways to manage your money.
  4. Queercents: This blog serves the finance needs of the LGBT community.
  5. Punny Money: Punny Money pokes fun at personal finance.
  6. Lazy Man and Money: Read this blog to learn how to deal with money the lazy way.
  7. Everybody Loves Your Money: This blog encourages readers to live for today, and plan for tomorrow.
  8. The Happy Rock: This writer discusses personal finance and personal development.
  9. The Simple Dollar: The Simple Dollar offers financial talk for the rest of us.
  10. Think Your Way To Wealth: Find smart personal finance for building wealth on this blog.
  11. Bad Money Advice: Bad Money Advice offers an improvement on mainstream personal finance.
  12. Get Rich Slowly: Get Rich Slowly offers an excellent quality personal finance blog.
  13. Zen Personal Finance: Find meditations on finance from this blog.
  14. Weakonomics: Weakonomics points out everything that’s wrong about you and your money.
  15. Free From Broke: Free From Broke is a personal finance blog for regular folks.
  16. Moneymonk: Moneymonk is growing her net worth and getting ahead.
  17. My Dollar Plan: Check out this blog for retirement, tax, and personal finance tips.
  18. My Open Wallet: On this blog, you’ll see the financial details of an anonymous New Yorker.
  19. Make Love, Not Debt: Read this blog to learn about relationship finance.
  20. Dual Income No Kids: These DINKs discuss personal finance for couples.
  21. Stretchy Dollar: Read this blog to learn how to make your dollar stretch.
  22. Milk Your Money: Find out how to milk the most from your money from this blog.

Young Money

Check out these blogs, written by young people concerned with money.

  1. Money Under 30: This blog is written by David, an ex-financial journalist and recovering debtaholic.
  2. Generation X Finance: Generation X Finance writes to help this generation achieve financial independence.
  3. Always the Planner: This blogger is a girl in the big city trying to save a few bucks.
  4. Stacking Pennies: Stacking Pennies is written by a 20-something LA gal who writes about the world of personal finance.
  5. I Will Teach You To Be Rich: Ramit Sethi shares a goldmine of information in entrepreneurship and personal finance.
  6. The Digerati Life: Check out this blog to learn about money and personal finance in Silicon Valley.
  7. Life After College: Jenny Blake helps you figure out the big picture.
  8. QuarterLife Finances: On this blog, you’ll learn about a blogger who is avoiding a quarterlife crisis by taking charge of her life and finances.
  9. Little Miss Moneybags: This twenty-something woman lives in New York City and shares her interest in personal finance.
  10. Fabulously Broke: This blogger is fabulously broke in the city, and tiring to fix that.
  11. Grad Money Matters: This blog fills up finance holes that aren’t covered by the grad curriculum.
  12. Soul searching 20-something on a mission: This 20-something girl is on a mission to find a fulfilling job and earn more money.
  13. My Life ROI: On this blog, you’ll learn about a 20-something male’s effort to get the best return on life.
  14. Living Almost Large: Living Almost Large tells the story of a 20-something DINK searching for financial freedom.
  15. Dog Ate My Finances: On this blog, you’ll learn about a couple that’s 20-something, recently debt-free, and laid off.
  16. Finance for Youth: Read this blog to improve your financial literacy.
  17. Young Professional Finance Blog: This blog offers saving, investing, and financial ideas for and by young professionals.
  18. Finance Professor: This blogger offers finance news, academic articles, and more.
  19. Budgets Are Sexy: This blogger insists that budgets are sexy.
  20. Money for the Rest of Us: Check out this blog written for young women, offering great tips for eating, traveling, and entertaining frugally.
  21. Neville’s Financial Blog: Read about Neville’s quest to reach financial success by 22.
  22. Poorer Than You: This blog shares money issues for college students and 20-somethings.
  23. 20 Something Finance: With this blog, you’ll learn how to lay a foundation for financial success.


In these blogs, you’ll learn the stories of bloggers who are working toward a financial goal.

  1. PFBlog: This man is attempting to accumulate a million dollars by the age of 40.
  2. Saving for a Home of My Own: On this blog, you’ll read about a 20-something young woman who is saving for a home of her own.
  3. But Why Doesn’t It Grow on Trees?: This blogger is trying to get shaped up financially before law school.
  4. Early Retirement Extreme: See how this blogger became financially independent.
  5. Seattle Girl: Seattle Girl is a 20-something who is working to get her financial life on track before 30.
  6. Broke Grad Student: Read this blog to learn how a broke grad student is paying back $22,000 in student loans.
  7. Single Guy Money: Single Guy Money’s goal is to be free of non-mortgage debt by May 2010.
  8. My First Million at 33: On this site, you’ll learn about the journey to wealth.
  9. Capital Ideas: Read about this young cubicle dweller’s quest to achieve financial independence.
  10. Million Dollar Journey: Check out this blog to learn how to build wealth through saving and investing.
  11. Physical Therapy Assistant: This blogger discusses saving her salary to put toward future career advancement.
  12. David Makes Cents: David shares his progress as a college student who is working to save $100k before graduation.
  13. Not Living on Ramen: This blogger has a new physics degree and a goal of saving before graduate school.


These blogs will teach you how to embrace frugality and save money.

  1. Wise Bread: Using this blog, you can live large on a small budget.
  2. Remodeling This Life: Get ideas for frugality and living fabulous from this blog.
  3. Funny About Money: Follow simple living and frugality for peace of mind.
  4. Miss Thrifty Blog: With the help of this blog, you can find bargains and save.
  5. The Frugal Duchess: Sharon Harvey Rosenberg shares fun, frugal, and fashionable ways to save money and live well.
  6. Being Frugal is Fabulous: On this blog, you’ll learn about being frugally fabulous.
  7. ConsumerQueen: Get frugal tips to fight rising costs with this blog.
  8. Almost Frugal: This blogger is learning about frugality.
  9. $5 Dinners: Get the details on frugal cooking from $5 Dinners.
  10. Frugal For Life: Read this blog to learn how to spend and waste less while saving more.
  11. Being Frugal: This blog will help you learn how to live more, while spending less.

Saving & Investing

Check out these blogs to make the most of saving, and even investing a bit.

  1. How I Save Money: This blog chronicles the efforts of a twenty something trying to save money.
  2. Gather Little By Little: Work to save little by little with the help of this blog.
  3. The Suns Financial Diary: Earn more, and invest wisely with the help of this blog.
  4. Saving for Serenity: This blog will help you establish financial freedom.
  5. Saving To Invest: Learn about smart personal finance and effective investing, even in today’s economy.
  6. Personal Dividends: Read this blog to learn how to increase your personal dividends.
  7. Saving Advice: This blog offers advice for saving money and cutting costs.
  8. MoneyNing: On this personal finance blog, you’ll learn about saving money, retiring early, and investing for financial freedom.
  9. Free Money Finance: With this blog, you’ll get tips and information on growing your net worth.


Read the stories of people fighting debt on these blogs.

  1. Give Me Back My Five Bucks: Krystal is a recent college graduate working to get out of debt.
  2. No Debt Plan: This blog shares information on getting out of debt and building wealth.
  3. The Frugal Law Student: The Frugal Law Student is trying to cut down on crippling law school debt.
  4. Debt Free Adventure: Follow along on a debt free adventure on this blog.
  5. No Credit Needed: Learn about debt reduction and living without credit from this blog.
  6. Destroy Debt: On this blog, you’ll learn about debt consolidation and debt settlement.
  7. Blogging Away Debt: Read this blog to learn about the journey to a debt-free life.
  8. Paying Off My Future: Check out this blog to learn how to work a little harder to play harder later.
  9. Debt Kid: Debt Kid is a geek in debt that shares debt management and debt reduction strategies.
  10. I’ve Paid For This Twice Already: Find frugal living and debt reduction tips on this blog.

Bargains & Consumerism

Educate yourself on consumer issues, and learn how to get great bargains with these blogs.

  1. The Consumerist: Be an informed consumer with the help of popular blog The Consumerist.
  2. Not Made of Money: On this personal finance blog, you’ll learn how to save money.
  3. Bargain Briana: Briana helps you find bargains.
  4. American Consumer News: This online magazine will help you be a smart shopper and save money.
  5. Consumerism Commentary: This blog discusses consumerism, money, investing, and more.
  6. Bargaineering: On this personal finance blog, you’ll learn about being a bargain hunter.
  7. Stop Buying Crap: This blog will help you stop buying unnecessary items.
  8. Bitterwallet: Bitterwallet discusses consumer hacks, tips, and news.
  9. Alpha Consumer: Kimberly Palmer discusses how you can be a savvy shopper.
  10. Bargain Babe: Find daily tips for savvy spenders on this blog.
  11. Coupon Cravings: The deals at Coupon Cravings can help you make it through the week.
  12. Mighty Bargain Hunter: This blogger will help you avoid paying retail.
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